Our Mission

In November 2014, the ProAsh South (R.D. Morrow) site in Purvis, Mississippi achieved a significant safety milestone by reaching 10 Years without a Lost Time Incident. The Houseknecht-Morrow Head of Safety Award was given to Frank Cooper, Plant Supervisor, Joe Craft, Brent Quinn and Bryan McKenzie. This award is given to our sites in honor of their No LTI recognition and is based on our first site to achieve the 10 Year record of safety in 2009 and the plant manager who was instrumental in bringing a strong safety culture to ST/ProAsh. The Houseknecht-Baltimore Head of Safety award is presented to all who have worked to make this extraordinary achievement possible.

Our mission is to provide total customer satisfaction to our two customer segments: power plant owners and operators, and concrete industry fly ash users. To do this, we provide industry-leading, proprietary technology, diverse, in-depth technical expertise, and focused business and marketing know-how. For power plant owners and operators, Separation Technologies delivers a commercially proven, flexible, least-cost, least-risk technology for processing coal fly ash. We also use our marketing know-how and relationships to maximize fly ash sales. Our facilities are very compact and do not force the utility into new environmental permits for the plants.

For concrete industry users, Separation Technologies and the ProAsh® brand deliver a consistent, high-quality, branded fly ash that meets and exceeds customers’ needs and expectations for cost-savings, dependability, product strength and durability, and customer desirability as an environmentally friendly, “green” product.