Company History

Separation Technologies was founded in 1989 to develop commercial applications for a proprietary electrostatic separation process. By 1994, Separation Technologies was focusing on applying its separation technology to processing fly ash that could be used in high value commercial applications rather than being disposed of in landfills.

Since 1995, Separation Technologies has commercially operated the most successful worldwide fly ash separation systems producing ProAsh®. Separation Technologies leads the industry through innovation in technology, marketing, and commercial success.

In 2002, Separation Technologies became part of the Titan America family of businesses. Titan America is one of the premier cement and building materials producers in the Eastern United States. Titan America is best known by its brand and business names: Essex CementRoanoke CementSeparation TechnologiesTitan Florida, Titan Virginia Ready-MixTitan Florida Cement and Aggregates, S&W Ready-MixPowhatan Ready Mix, and Titan Mid-Atlantic Aggregates operations include cement plants, ready-mix concrete plants, concrete block plants, quarries, import and rail terminals, as well as fly ash production facilities.

Titan America is part of the Titan Group, whose parent company is Greece-based Titan Cement Company S.A. Worldwide.